Technology Center

Colleton County School District Technology Center's focus is to provide the resources and support necessary for students and staff to safely and effectively use technology to enhance instruction.

The Technology Center is located at 150 Cougar Nation Drive, Suite 8000 in Walterboro, SC. The Technology Center staff is comprised of eleven technology specialists who are responsible for providing all of the district's technological needs. In June 2011 the district's technology department moved to a new office suite located within the new Colleton County High School. The Technology Center contains offices for staff, server room with dedicated power backup generators, technician repair room, and a staff-training lab equipped with Smart Board, projector, Lightspeed Voice Amplification system and 24 Windows workstations.

One of the most important aspects of the Technology Center is the fact that it is the hub of all Internet/WAN access for the school district. This fact allows the staff at the Technology Center to monitor all network and Internet traffic. Installed at the Technology Center by its staff are Internet web filters as well as a firewall to prevent unauthorized access from the Internet into the district's wide area network.

The Technology Center staff provides support for all aspects of technology planning, implementation, infrastructure, computer repair, district-wide phone system, school paging systems, student information systems, district software programs, website maintenance and many additional services.

The major asset of the Technology Center is its dedicated and well-trained staff. Staff members hold multiple degrees and certifications.

Our Location

Colleton County School District Technology Center 

150 Cougar Nation Drive, Suite 8000
Walterboro, SC 29488 
(Inside Colleton County High School) 
 (843) 782-4520
 (843) 782-4513


Meet the Team

  Mrs. Beth Frank

Mrs. Beth Frank

Director of Technology 
Phone: 843-782-4520

Mr. William Zorn

Mr. William Zorn

Network and System Support Specialist
Phone: 843-782-4520