Modified Calendar Survey

CCSD Seeks Input on Modified Calendar
Posted on 12/16/2021

Colleton County School District is joining other school districts around the state and nation in exploring the idea of a modified academic calendar for the school year in order to prevent student/teacher burnout, offer additional opportunities for academic remediation and to provide additional opportunities for our students.

Both a traditional calendar and a modified calendar have students attending school 180 days a year and teachers working 190 days a year, meeting the requirements of state statutes and law. A modified calendar allows for additional breaks during the school year to help balance time in school and breaks. After each nine weeks there would be a two-week break for students and staff with opportunities for extra academic support and enrichment.

Please know that the district remains in the beginning stages of discussion on this matter, and we are looking for feedback from our stakeholders as we consider adopting a modified calendar. We have placed an online survey, a copy of a two sample modified calendars and a FAQ document below:

Modified Calendar Frequently Asked Questions

Sample Calendar 1

Sample Calendar 2

Modified Calendar Survey

Please review the information above and complete our survey by January 16 to let us know your views! We are looking forward to hearing from all our stakeholders, answering questions the community may have, and sharing results of the feedback we receive.