Superintendent's Message

Hello Colleton County Community,

Best Wishes for a Prosperous and Happy New Year.  It is my hope you have enjoyed the Holiday Break and look forward to a successful return to learning.

As we begin a new calendar year and a new semester, we must continue to practice our COVID-19 mitigation strategies to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 Virus and the Omicron Variant in our schools and community.  So much has happened in our world over the past two weeks as the variant continues to spread and as we see an increase in positive cases all over the nation.

I offer my sincere thank you for making this an ongoing point of emphasis throughout the first semester in CCSD. Through a collective team effort, we have made tremendous strides in maintaining safety and security by wearing our protective face covering, practicing handwashing, social distancing when possible, monitoring our symptoms, getting vaccinated and tested as needed.   

Obviously, we will not eliminate the COVID-19 virus in the coming months, however, we must continue to insist that all staff, students and families adhere to our expectations each and every day while at school, in our district facilities and on district transportation.

Since the onset of this pandemic almost two years ago our health care professionals have made significant strides in providing us guidance, vaccinations, medicines and treatments that allow us to continue to function in the current world we live in. We are a strong nation and together we can get through this.

Please remember that all students, staff and visitors to Colleton County School District facilities wear protective face covering while indoors on district properties and while using district transportation, regardless of vaccination status. In addition, social distancing, must be practiced at all times both indoors and outdoors when possible. By practicing these measures, we can keep our students and staff safe as we return to learning.

I want to remind our families of our Wireless Electronic Device Policy, its regulations, and procedures as outlined in School Board Policy JICJ. This policy will be strictly enforced beginning January 4, 2022. Please review this policy with your children so everyone understands and is aware of the procedures and consequences. The policy can be found on our district website at

I look forward to welcoming all staff on January 3, 2022 and students and families on January 4, 2022.

Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!!

Vallerie C. Cave, Ph.D.


Superintendent Vallerie Cave

Dr. Vallerie Cave

Phone: ( 843) 782-4510